Monday, June 20, 2011

Walking Free

We've just returned from a week away at our denomination's campmeeting. 

Adam taught in the Kindergarten division and had a great time with Damek and all the other 4-6 year olds who came out for the week.  In the mornings I took Caedmon to his class, in the afternoons I taught a session on prayer.  It was a beautiful experience meeting so many others on their own prayer journeys.

Our kids continue to grow and change and develop in awesome ways.  Sometimes getting away from the routine of home helps me see it better.  Damek is becoming a great helper, very eager to be of assistance where needed.  God has given him a lot of desire to be a leader and he continues to grow in that area.  Caedmon is a doer.  He gets something in his head that he wants to try and then he just does it.  We stayed in a hotel for the past week and Caedmon decided one afternoon that he would like to walk across the lobby, a couch to a chair about 10 feet apart, while we waited for Adam to finish up some business.  He started with just a few steps, then he would crawl back to the couch, stand up and try again.  Adam finished his business and we needed to get somewhere but we just couldn't stop watching him.  He kept trying, again and again, until he got to within a foot of the chair.  We couldn't believe it!

We are so thankful for our boys.  They teach us so much every day!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Seasons, New Skills

Caedmon is again wowing us with his mad skills.  (And Daddy too, who showed us how to use the handyman's secret weapon to fix up Damek's old tricycle so Caedmon can ride it.  Hint: look for bright green in the video.)