Friday, July 25, 2014


It's been a rather stressful, busy year for this family.  We've not really had a lot of time to spend together without any obligations, responsibilities and work pressing in.  So, it was with much joy that we realized Adam had a lot of vacation time saved up and our brains really need the break. 

So, we loaded down the car.

To kick things off, we headed north.  I was exited to show the family where my great-grandma homesteaded for many years, all by herself, in the great north woods, Superior National Forest.  

We ended up at Bear Head Lake State Park, an amazing place!

It was 90 some degrees and super humid when we pulled in to set up camp.  Notice the bright pink cheeks and wet hair, that's how hot it was.

It was so worth it.  Look at this beauty!

Halfway through the first night a thunderstorm rolled over.  The rain was pouring down, it was so loud and so refreshing!  I was praising God that our tents were actually waterproof, not just labelled as such.  Damek and Caedmon snoozed through the entire storm in one tent with Adam.  Asher, in another tent with me, woke up almost immediately, started crying because he thought I was putting him in the shower (which he hates) then crawled up on top of my chest and neck, and insisted on staying there through the entire storm, at least an hour.  After he realized it wasn't a shower, he giggled through much of the storm.  At moments the rain on the tent sounded like an audience clapping and he would join right in.  It was one of the best storm experiences ever.  I loved every minute.

The best part of the storm meant that the heat broke.  When we woke up in the morning it was cool and much drier.  We got in some kayaking, fishing and wading, as well as good naps and reading.

I was amazed and pleasantly surprised at how easily Asher would fall asleep at night and for naps.  I would lie next to him and read a book.  He would snuggle up with his special blankie next to me and within a few minutes fall peacefully asleep.  It was just awesome!

All in all, it was a fantastic way to kick off some well-earned vacation time.  We are plotting our next adventure.