Friday, October 12, 2018


After a lot of thought, research, time spent in various DCD (Developmental and Cognitive Delays) classrooms across our district as a substitute teacher and substitute para, meetings with Asher's team at his school, seeing his general ed class time dwindle to a measly 30 minutes a day, with an hour of special classes, no recess time with his peers, shortage of staff, and behavioral issues emerging, Adam and I made the difficult decision to home school Asher. He will join our church school for lunch times and recess times, field trips, music classes and art classes as well as getting involved with local homeschooling groups and GiGi's Playhouse.

Thursday was his first day at home. I brought him to our church school for lunch and recess. He picked a seat next to Caedmon. I gave them space and sat at the end of the table. Watching him from a distance as he looked around and took in this unfamiliar position with familiar kids and a familiar setting, was joy for me. I didn't realize until that moment how much pent up tension I had been holding in every time I sent him to school.

Between lunch and recess, all the kids in the school have chores to do, ranging from vacuuming to watering plants, getting the mail to taking out the trash. One of the second graders asked Asher if he would like to help him with his chore, emptying class trash cans into a larger trash can. 'Sure!' Asher said. They each picked up a trash can and Asher followed him to see what to do next. A few minutes later they were back, Asher was beaming, no adults had to follow him or check up on him, he was able to be independent and autonomous! Outside of home, that was really a first for him. He then helped pick up paper and pencils off the floor and stack chairs so another team could vacuum the classroom. It was awesome to watch him dive right in to whatever was asked of him.

Outside, he played! He felt comfortable enough to ask for a ball! Having gone to recess with him several times, I can say with confidence that he never once got to play with a ball at his public school. This is because there are limited balls and by the time his class would get out for recess at the same time another grade was out, all the balls would be taken. And I never really saw him play. He would just wander around the playground until it was time to go in.

It just was right. It was the right place for him to be.

And my time subbing has not been a waste. The reason I didn't home school him before was I felt a total lack of confidence that I would do a good job. That he would not get everything he needs. But after observing what is done in the center based classrooms, I know I can do a great job and work with exactly what he needs. And the opportunity for him to be a part of a school community, really a school family, who will embrace him, accept him, include him, is priceless!

I am so excited for this journey to start!