Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer 2011

I have been a terrible poster these last few months!  The reason being that we learned in early June we were expecting our newest addition to the family.  I have had terrible 'morning' sickness (actually, evening sickness) for the past three months but am now on my feet again. 

Since my firstborn's first day of school is tomorrow, I am operating under the pretense that summer is now drawing to a close.  Here are some of our memories of this very busy summer:

Caedmon began the summer by standing up from the floor!  He continued to amaze us as he began walking with no assistance and has grown stronger and stronger throughout the summer.

Damek is a whirlwind and such a joyous boy.

Our neighbor pointed out this dragonfly tree.  We'd never seen so many dragonflies sitting still in one spot before.

After spending a week in Hutchinson for campmeeting we came home long enough to do some laundry and then were off for Oklahoma to witness our friend's retirement from the Air Force and his son's baptism.

No summer is complete without swimming lessons but this summer we learned we should have paid Grandma the $50.  She did a lot better teaching Damek to get his face in the water in two days then his teacher did in two weeks.

Cousins on the top of Pikes Peak.


Somehow these got out of order, but more Pikes Peak.

Damek learning a few pointers from his cousin on how to cross those bars.

So fun!  Uncle Wilber's Fountain, plays music with coordinated spouting water.

The Tuba Man, hidden inside until the music starts.

Gymnast Cousin.

Damek's 6th birthday, celebrated with lots of family in Colorado.

Cousins are so helpful at parties.

They help you eat cake and ice cream, very nice.

It was so awesome to have so many people we love in one place!

Grammie and Pop Pop!

Caedmon loves babies and cousins!

A trip to the zoo was very exciting!

The family and Grandma!

My Sky Riding pal.

The family and Grandpa!

We even got to throw a birthday part for Booga!

Again, the order is totally out of whack but Caedmon was so excited to be this close to a train, until the whistle blew!
So, there's a bit of our summer.  Coming soon, school pictures and video of Caedmon walking!