Monday, October 31, 2011

Changes On The Horizon

I'm learning this fact about myself, that when life starts picking up my blogging falls to the wayside. It's been a long while since my last post and here is why:

An update on our latest baby boy, we are in a holding pattern both as we wait for the due date and as we anticipate an ultrasound in mid-December to look for any changes.

We have not had much time to dwell on this news, however, because soon after learning of baby's possibilities we were informed that Adam would be moving to a new church by the end of the year. You can imagine that finishing up work at two churches, house hunting, packing, continuing with school and therapies for the boys and being six months pregnant are keeping us on our toes while wishing we were lying in bed. :-)

Tomorrow we head out to try our hand at house hunting. Rental prices being as high as they are right now, we are considering purchasing. We are praying to find something in our price range that will be clean and livable and near the church. In our 13 years of marriage this will be our 11th move. And in those 11 moves God has always provided just the right place for our family. We cling to His faithfulness and know He has something, somewhere for this little growing family.

So, we look forward to what is ahead. All the changes can seem a bit overwhelming when we look at them altogether but God is able and capable and we keep trusting that He's leading us where He wants us to be.