Friday, November 20, 2015

Turning 7

Caedmon had his semi-regular visit with his orthopedic surgeon a few days ago. His orthotics were extended to better fit his growing feet, he was checked over for general health and well-being, he was scheduled for another gait analysis . . . and we found out this will be the year he has a major surgery on both legs in which they will break and reset major bones as well as reconstruct some bones in his feet.

'Yeah, just let us know when would be a good time for Caedmon to be wheelchair dependent for at least a month.'

We knew it was coming, his orthopedist has been warning us for several years, but we just weren't quite ready for it to come now. In fact, my memory is that the orthopedist said sometime between his 8-10 birthdays, he's only going to be 7 this year.

One more adventure on the journey. One more surgery. One more getting up and starting over again.

We're ready for it. We love this boy!