Saturday, August 11, 2012


Caedmon has the kind of personality that says 'I WILL do this thing, I will find a way to do it, and nothing is going to stop me'.

As parents this can be a bit frustrating at times.  Like the times when he decides throwing loose, dry beans into the bottom of the oven is cooking or when he throws playing cards/puzzle pieces/legos all over the room or he draws with a marker all over his carpet.

But, while it is difficult there are beautiful things that go along with it too.  Things that would be lost if we failed to see what a gift God has given him in this drive to accomplish and tried to punish it out of him. He has helped us to see that children have wonderful characteristics that, as parents, we are to help and hone, not squelch and hamper in the name of discipline.

The beautiful in Caedmon is watching him do things he wasn't 'supposed' to be able to do: walking without aid, climbing, jumping, mowing

Today at the park, he wanted to play in the little playhouse.  It's his favorite thing right now.  He pretends to cook or clean or work on his computer.  Today, though, there were three older boys who did not think he should get to join them.  One of them said, 'He wears a diaper, let's not play with him!'  Another boy stood at the entry and put both arms up to block any chance of him getting in.  

Caedmon would not be deterred.

He invited them to help him cook supper.  He asked them if they wanted to play.

One of the boys started punching the air in front of him.

He doesn't have an older brother for nothing.  He didn't even bat an eye.

'Why you doin' that?' he asked.

'You can't come in!' the older boy said.

'I don't wanna come in.  Why you do that?' he asked again.

He kept talking until the boys started to tire in their rejection.

Just for a moment, the boy at the door was distracted by something across the playground and before you could bat an eye Caedmon had ducked under the boy's arm and sat himself on the bench inside.

'So, what you wanna make for supper?' he asked.

I love this boy!

Facing down prejudice and meanness already.  I have not yet met someone who can resist his smile and love of life for long.  He is joy and love personified.

He is also the poster child for persistence.