Saturday, April 7, 2012

Current Family Stuff

It's Easter!  We are celebrating Jesus sacrifice and resurrection.  We are celebrating Asher gaining 2.6 pounds in 2 weeks.  We are celebrating family.  Here are some snapshots of our last few weeks.

Asher is so much more interactive and alert.

We were visited by the amazing superhero, Lightning Zack . . .

and his sidekick, Thunder Bolt.

Caedmon, all dressed up for Easter.  Who wouldn't love this guy?

Damek in his new hat.  He insists he must wear it backwards.

Our little rocker!

Damek loves to make up songs and  he is such a great singer, at least we think so. :-)


  1. Yes, I would have to agree he is quite the singer.... Did he know you were recording him?

    1. He did know. It was one of those rare instances when it didn't matter. He wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary, for him. :-)