Friday, April 19, 2013

April Showers

If April rain showers bring May flowers, what do April snow showers bring?

I believe we have become numb to snow falling from the sky well past the start date of spring.  We may faint if we ever hit 60 degrees.

We are enjoying being able to make snowmen and snowballs and snow forts.  All winter long Caedmon was disappointed time and again by snow that was too dry or too cold to smush together in a ball.  No more!  Spring heavy, wet snow has answered his prayers.

This is the snowman Chewy.  We built him a week ago, during our last snow storm. He didn't want arms because he had a tummy-thing, as Caedmon explained to me.  

Let me tell you, Chewy is a heavy guy!  It took all the strength I had to get his body ball on top of his bottom ball, while Caedmon giggled at my facial expressions.

Here's the view from our back deck last night.  We had gotten about 5 inches in 5 hours.  3 more fell through the night and we woke up to a call from the school to let us know it was a snow day. 

A native Minnesotan once explained to me, 'We don't ever say things are good.  We say they are not too bad.' So, this spring is not too bad, could be better.

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