Monday, June 10, 2019

The Things That Come Up

We haven't really been a 'summer activities' kind of family. None of the boys seem too interested in team sports and, other than a few swimming lessons so the boys wouldn't panic in water, summer camp and VBS, we've found our own fun to do in the warm months.

This year Caedmon insisted he wanted to find a theater class to take. The insistence is usually what motivates me to find what one of my kids is looking for. He reminded me for two weeks, after I talked to his dad, while we were figuring out the budget and what we could afford, and when I forgot because of all the end of school busyness.

Because of his motivation, I finally got on line and actually registered him for a class. He was so very thrilled he went to school the next day, in the middle of May, and invited every one of his friends to come on the last day to see him in a play, in July. He wanted to know what part he would get, if he would have lines, if he would have a main role. I tried to help him see that since this was his very first time in theater, he may not get a main role but whatever he got we'd be so proud of him.

And then I had to build up the motivation to do what every parent of a kid with special needs has to do, be the advocate. The longer I sat on it, the more I dreaded contacting the person in charge of the class. I started to be sure that they were going to be upset that he had special needs, that they would see it as too much to deal with and would ask that we withdraw him. My anxiety, it seems, knows no bounds when it comes to worst case scenarios.

It took me a month to finally send the email. And really all I needed to explain was that he needed help at lunchtime so his dad or I would be coming in to help him at that time. The person at the theater couldn't have been kinder and replied quickly and enthusiastically that he would be welcomed and please let them know if he needs any other accommodations.

All the build-up now seems so ridiculous really. I think it comes from reading way too many stories where people were unkind or downright cruel to people with disabilities. But in my experience we have never run across that. People have always been kind, even just to smile and say 'hello' to my boys. Just another reminder that advocating can be hard but it is so worth it. I cannot wait to see Caedmon on stage for the first time and know that the people at the theater are aware and positive about him being there!

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