Monday, July 23, 2012


When Caedmon was 10 months old I ran my first half-marathon.  That's 13.1 miles. I am very proud of that.

Today, Asher is 6 months old.  I struggled hard to complete 3 miles.  But I completed it.  Even with the humidity stuck up on our energy efficient windows yelling at me to stay inside.  Even with my body whining that the baby woke us up at 5 AM, and this is no way to start our day.  Even with the slap in the face from the heat as I walked out the door.  I got out the door and I ran and I completed it. I am very proud of that.

God teaches me lessons on perspectives a lot.  I will not always be in this place at this time.  I cannot compare this moment of my life with any other moment because life changes, circumstances change.  If I spend all my time trying to cling to the past I will have no joy for this moment.  I will be stuck in yesterday.  If I try to beat myself up for what I did then compared to what I can do now I will do nothing.

And doing something is a hell of a lot better than doing nothing.

That is my running mantra.  That is my mantra for life.  That is my kick in the pants to get me off of the couch on the days I want to do nothing.


  1. Thank you for your sweet words on my blog and perspective is everything great post :)