Friday, July 6, 2012

Take THAT, Spina Bifida!

Caedmon has loved swinging from the very first time he ever sat in a swing, it's the first thing he wants to do when we go to a playground and he couldn't understand why only Asher got to sit in the amazingly fun looking baby swing in our living room.  

So, when we found a craigslist deal on a small slide and swingset he thought it was better than Christmas.  Of course, I couldn't drop everything every time he wanted to go out and swing, because that would be All. The. Time. 

When you are an independent, determined boy, this is good motivation to figure things out for yourself.  Throw in a daddy who hasn't quite gotten to building the steps to the slide and you have the formula for lots of fun and a palm heal strike to the face of spina bifida.

This is Caedmon saying, 'Take THAT spina bifida!'

So you can fully appreciate this video, before this swingset came into our lives Caedmon could not walk up a slide, pull himself up onto a swing and did not know how to get himself and keep himself going.  Ha!

1 comment:

  1. methinks daddy doesn't need to put the steps on the slide now!!
    Thanks for sharing -- I can't believe how high he got that swing going too!! Caedmon -- you are an inspiration to me!!