Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Christmas Program

I have always loved church Christmas programs.  I love seeing the kids up front, taking the lead.  I love to see what comes out, unscripted.  I love to have music take the forefront and, for some reason, many churches only feel comfortable doing that when kids are in the program.  My kids do much better through the service and are much more interested in what's going on. And, don't tell the pastor, I'm not a big fan of sermons so a break from the norm is very welcome.  

But having MY kid in the program just makes it a million times more exciting.  I've been looking forward to today for several weeks, and not just because  it means Adam gets to sit with me. Here are some pictures and a few snippets of my wonderful oldest singing his heart out.  I love that guy!

My singing boy

So excited to see Daddy AND Asher up front to pray.

Asher helping Daddy close the service with prayer.

Caedmon excited that the service is done so he can go run with 'The Kids'

Asher all decked out in his Christmasy gear.

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