Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Snow Therapy

Caedmon continues to heal.  He meets with his orthopedist tomorrow to get a hard cast.  His energy improves daily, as well as his appetite.  Each day he's commented less often about pain and last night was his first solid night of sleep.

A few days ago we celebrated Caedmon's birthday.  He wasn't sure he wanted to celebrate but finally decided presents would be okay.  He didn't care for the chocolate cake or the special dinner we made, poor, recovering body, but we scored big on a remote control car that can run into anything and keep going.  God bless the makers of that car, it keeps him happy for large chunks of time and I don't have to chase it down and fix it a million times a day. :-)  He's also been playing with legos, painting, setting up fights between Superman, Sullivan (from the Monsters movies), a babydoll and Christmas mooses and making me lists, mostly of E's, O's and C's, for shopping.

We've been figuring out how to go about our day with a less mobile boy.  It definitely slows our day down a bit and our regular routine has needed to be tweaked.  It has been a good mental stretch, getting creative with life.  One thing we could not miss, playing with snow.  Caedmon loves snow, especially throwing snowballs.  It snowed on his birthday, thank You, God, and this morning we woke up to even more.  So, after breakfast we wrapped his leg up in plastic, laid some towels down and brought the snow to him.  He made a snowman and threw lots of snowballs.  He loved it!

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  1. Way to go Mom!! This is the kind of stuff kids remember when they grow up!!