Saturday, November 30, 2013

Heading Home

After a night of fitful sleep, snatches here and there that maybe added up to 2 hours total, we are awaiting our discharge papers.

The nurses came in every hour to hour and a half. Caedmon woke up every time. He was always polite but at one point he said to a nurse, 'I keep trying to sleep and you keep waking me up.'

This morning Caedmon said to me in a sad voice, 'Mom, I hate surgery. I don't ever want to do this again!' 

Me too, Buddy, me too.

This morning he had had enough. The nurse tried to get him to take one last dose of medicine. He would not do it. I tried all the tricks that worked through the night, he would have none of it. We tried holding him down and squirting it in his mouth, (yeah, I'm tired too), he spit it out all over. Then, the nurse tried to put one last dose of iv meds through his iv only to find out quickly that it had closed off since they had disconnected it from the main line at 5am. It caused quite a bit of pain, and added insult to injury. 

Poor guy!

He is now sleepily watching a movie while we wait. I'm hoping we are sent home before he falls asleep because I really don't want to have to wake him.

Recovery time upcoming.

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