Friday, November 29, 2013

Post Surgery

Caedmon's surgery went well! He struggled a little coming out of anesthesia but once he shook off the grogginess and nausea he was his normal, sunny self. 

Adam took Caedmon to the hospital and stayed with him until he woke up and was taken to his room. Adam then drove home and I jumped in the car to head to the hospital. 

When I came into Caedmon's room he greeted me by saying, 'I like surgery, Mom!' as he munched on some broccoli. According to the nurse, the broccoli was his idea. The young man taking his order kept pushing sugary stuff and meat. Caedmon said he needed broccoli and grapes, though he did agree to a chocolate cupcake. :-) He told the nurses he couldn't eat it until he had finished his broccoli. All after Adam left and before I got there. What a kid!

So, now he's resting comfortably, watching Toy Story. I'm encouraged that we are in a different section of the hospital, a very quiet one with our own bathroom, and I am hoping for a chance of sleep tonight. 

Happy Sabbath, everyone! Thank you for your prayers!

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