Thursday, November 21, 2013

Whatcha Gonna Do?

On Tuesday we learned that Asher's kidneys are no worse and no better.  He has not had an infection in quite a while so his doctor is happy to wait and see.  Any infections will mean schedule surgery, any worsening will mean surgery, but we will see what the next 6 months brings.  

A fun side note to Tuesday's urology appointment was that for some portion of time Asher had to be strapped to a table and cathed so they could record how his kidneys responded to a dye they put in his body.  He was not so thrilled with this set up and started signing 'stand up' to Adam, over and over, with the sound 'uh'.  We didn't even know he knew that sign!

Thank you, radiology department, for being the catalyst for Asher to show he knows so much more than we realized.

Tuesday night, Adam took Asher in for the sleep study.  It was going to be me with Asher but since Caedmon's surgery was scheduled and we try to swap hospital overnights, it got to be Adam.  Lucky me.  

Apparently, a children's hospital sleep study lab is filled with people who don't know how to handle children who move in their sleep.  Go figure.  It also employs people who start patting your child's bottom when they start to move in their sleep and are surprised when the child wakes up and cries to see a stranger hanging over them patting them.  


So, Asher slept for 3 hours, from 8-11 pm.  The nurse/orderly/medical assistant woke him up at 11 and Adam got the wonderful experience over the next 3 hours of rocking Asher to sleep, lying him down in the huge, industrial crib with sides that squeak terribly when you pull them up into place, having the medical staff rush in (because they had a video camera on and could see when Asher fell asleep) to fix all the wires and reposition things, having Asher wake up because of all the bustle and people touching him, and starting all over again.  At 2 am Adam finally said to one of the staff, 'This is not working.'  She agreed, they unhooked everything from Asher, and Adam and Asher got home around 3.  

We were told it would be two weeks before we heard the results of the test.  We don't have any idea if Asher slept long enough to tell anything.  The funny thing is that one of the reasons we wanted the test done was because he wakes so easily and seems to have trouble getting into a deep sleep.  Don't you think people working in a sleep study lab would be prepared or have experience with that?  So odd.

So, we're not sure where to go from here but await any news.

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