Monday, November 18, 2013

Hospital Time

Tomorrow morning Asher and Daddy will head to Children's Hospital to have imaging done on his kidneys and to have a chat with his urologist.  This is a recurring procedure as his kidneys continue to remain enlarged and our doctor is hoping they will eventually correct themselves as he grows instead of having to resort to a surgical solution.

Tomorrow night Asher and Mommy will head to a different hospital so they can hook Asher up to a million different wires and have a sleep study done.  They are looking for Obstructive Sleep Apnea and hopefully a solution to help him sleep more peacefully at night.

In other Asher news, he has started cruising everywhere and walking holding onto Mommy or Daddy's hands!  This has been totally exciting!  Today in PT he walked in a walker much cooler than the one in the picture all the way around the entire building.  He was pretty tired by the end but it was so awesome to see.  The walker in the picture was sent home from his EI PT.  He enjoys it sometimes.  Like when he gets to chase his brothers or walk to Mommy for a hug.

In Caedmon news, we are waiting for the date for his next surgery.  His ankle has been swelling and bruising for several weeks now, which means he cannot walk or stand.  You can imagine how difficult this can be for an active 4 year old.  While Mom and Dad don't relish the thought of sending him off into the operating room again, at least we will be heading in the direction of returned movement and healing.  It will be so nice to have him on his feet again.  It should be an 8 week healing process after the surgery is completed, if all goes well.  And then, we'll get to see Ms. Carrie again and start building those muscles back.


  1. Hang in there! I hope the appointments go well! Just prayed for you. :)