Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Original Blog Post: April 17, 2009- The End To Casts

Caedmon had his casts removed today.  It was so awesome to be able to see his feet and legs again.  It really is such an odd barrier, having the casts on.  For some reason, it makes me feel like I can't really be close to him, there's this wall between us.  So, when the nurse took off all the layers of casting and I could see his pink and red skin (normal from the casting, not because of skin breakdown), touch him, rub lotion on him, cuddle him without the feeling of hard plaster between us, I was ecstatic! 

And so was he.  He was kicking his feet everywhere and I had to hold him down as the doctor fitted him for braces.  We picked out some great rocketship ones with red, more for Damek then Caedmon since Caedmon doesn't really know what's happening anyway.  Maybe also a little inspiration for Caedmon to reach for the stars.

It's very obvious that Caedmon has no movement below his knees.  It was painful to watch.  We haven't been faced with this limitation much since his legs have been hidden in casts for a while now and he hasn't been able to bend his knees.  When the casts were removed he would kick out his legs and his feet would just swing loosely.

They can't give us any details as to how long he will have to have them.  It could be his entire life, he might move into a different kind of brace, they just don't know.  They'll have to wait and see how his feet adapt and move.  We're praying for some good flexibility to begin.  We have our own homework to help with that, exercises that need to be done to keep the success from the surgery going strong.  So, for now, we just wait.

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