Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: February 14, 2010- A Little Bit Of Good

In Christian circles a favorite scripture to remind someone who's going through hard times is 'God works all things for good to them that love Him.'  We had the privilege of experiencing a bit of that this last week. 
A young woman who has been attending our church off and on the last few months just gave birth to a beautiful little son.  There were complications all throughout the pregnancy and when he was born she was told he was missing part of his sacrum.  He was also born with club feet.  Adam went to the hospital to pray with her and encourage her as she tried to process what this all meant.  She told Adam that she has kept an image of Caedmon in her mind, how happy he is, how much he can do, and this has given her courage and hope for her baby's future.  I would never wish any defect on any baby but living in this world I must be resigned to the fact that these things happen.  I was moved to tears with the thought that this new mother, with all the stress I know she is under, finds a bit of comfort and goodness in the existence of my son.  Thank you, Lord, for working for the good!

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