Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: November 11, 2009- We're So Excited!!!

After being told by many different medical personnel that Caedmon would probably not try pulling up to stand, start standing or start walking until around 2 years old, we were totally shocked today when he tried to pull himself up not once but twice!  It wasn't in the best place for him, on our brick fireplace of all things!  But I was so thrilled, I just couldn't believe it.  Unfortunately, his braces are so slick on the bottom that he just slid around and then fell onto his bottom.  They do make shoes that fit around braces but we haven't been in a rush to buy them since he wasn't supposed to do this for another year and his feet would be a bit bigger then!  I guess we'll be getting those shoes!  Praise the Lord!

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