Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Original Blog Post: March 25, 2009- Surgical Anxiety

Tomorrow morning at 9:30 Caedmon will head back in to the OR.  We are trying to allow God to take our anxiety and give us some peace.  The last few times Caedmon has gone in for a surgical procedure we've ended up staying quite a while so when the doctor tells us it will only be overnight our feelings are saying, 'Oh, yeah, right!  We'll be here two weeks!'  Anyway, please keep us in your prayers.
Yesterday Caedmon had a check-up ultrasound/neurosurgery appointment and then a post-op appointment with the pediatrician.  The ultrasound showed that his ventricles (the area in the brain that has fluid in it) was small.  So, they dialed up his shunt to allow less fluid to flow out.  We will have another check in six weeks to see if we've hit on the right number on the dial or if we need to toy again.  Meanwhile, he is doing very well and growing and developing.  Such a wonderful son!

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