Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: November 8, 2010- A Loooooong Day

  • Tomorrow is Caedmon's yearly check-up of all things internal.  He will have a CT scan followed by several ultrasounds to check his innards and make sure everything is working properly.  They will also be seeing if the medication he's on is helping his bladder fill to capacity or if they need to up the dosage.  All wrapped up in a pre-Christmas package is a trip to the spina bifida clinic to meet with all the doctors.  It will be a long day!

  • If you have a moment to say a prayer for Caedmon and his doctors tomorrow we would appreciate it so much.  A big thing for us, the parents, is the checking of fluid on his brain and the medos valve on his shunt to make sure it is operating properly and is at the right setting or if they should adjust it.  He hasn't had any problems that we can tell but I'm thankful that they schedule this yearly test to hopefully catch any issues before they become major problems. 
    Speaking of shunts, I just learned a bit of the history behind how shunts were created and how this remarkable dad, with no medical training, wanted to save his son who had been born with spina bifida and in so doing has saved thousands of lives.  You can read the story here:

  • We've also have just learned that at the beginning of December he will be going in for a full spinal and head MRI, during which Caedmon will have to be sedated.  I really don't do well when he has to be sedated.  I'm praying for some peace during that one!
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