Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: September 29, 2010- Aquaman

Waiting lists are such a pain!  I've never had the need for specialized therapy and so have never had the opportunity to be told that a clinic is all full but they will call when they have an opening.  Did you know hippotherapy in the Twin Cities area has a full one year long waiting list?!  Oofta!

Anyhow, after two months of being on the waiting list, Caedmon finally got in to meet his latest teammate.  PT Trisha will be his land-based therapist for a few weeks so she can teach mom and dad all the tools and techniques we can do at home to help him get stronger.  Next Thursday we, Caedmon and Mama, get in the water with his water-based therapist.  I am really, really excited and, after seeing Caedmon's reaction to the pool through the windows, I know he will run right into that pool, or crawl, as the case may be!

Tonja said she thinks aquatherapy is right where he needs to be.  She also told me at the end of our appointment that he is doing awesome and Adam and I are on top of things!  That was really  nice to hear because my biggest fear is that we're missing the boat on something important that will effect him later on.
I need to get some recent video of Caedmon.  He is really having a ball with his walker.  He's such a daredevil!  He will head straight off curbs or up them, he loves to follow his brother up grassy hills, over rocks, anywhere.  As we were leaving the therapy appointment, Damek climbed up on a circular bench two feet off the ground and Caedmon walked right up to it and tried to lift his front wheels onto it.  It was way too narrow for him but he totally would have attempted it had Mama let him.

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