Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Original Blog Post: February 16, 2009- Surgery Is Scheduled

Caedmon, last Thursday, had his casts completely taken off.  He doesn't know what to do with these amazingly light legs!  He enjoys kickin' up his heals almost as much as Damek, especially when the tune is just right. 
Caedmon will have surgery on February 27 to loosen the tendons in his feet and ankles so his feet will straighten.  Because they are still quite rigid after six weeks of casting, the doctor will have to make a longer then usual incision, reattaching the tendon and Caedmon will have to spend the night at the hospital.  Yippy, another stay at the hospital!  Actually, I can say that jokingly because this is so much less stressful then having his little head and brain operated on and one night is really nothing.
Caedmon is doing so well.  He actually slept for eight hours one night last week and is averaging around seven most nights before he needs to eat.  He and Damek are as different as night and day with their infancies, it's really unbelievable.  Caedmon falls asleep driving in a car, he can sleep anywhere even at church with people talking all around him, he can fall asleep just being held in my arms and not bounced all around for an hour, it's a miracle!  We love it!
He's actually started to giggle a bit.  I tried to capture it on video but he would have none of it.  I did get his wonderful smile!

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