Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: February 24, 2011- Caedmon Is WALKING!

The last few days Caedmon made up his own game.  He stands up next to a kitchen chair, lets go of the chair and just stands there until someone notices he's standing.  If someone doesn't notice quickly enough, he'll yell out, 'I'm STANDING!'  And smile at you with this wonderfully proud and happy face.
Last night Caedmon decided he needed to move a bit more.  He stood for a moment, leaned as far as he could toward the kitchen cabinet a few feet away, then walked a step and a half before falling into the cabinet.   Mama was surprised and proud.  Of course, when Daddy came home ten minutes later and heard about it he tried to get Caedmon to repeat the event with no success.
This afternoon Caedmon was playing the standing game on a rug we have in the living room.  All around the rug is hardwood flooring.  I was busy making bread dough and looking up occasionally to see what he was up to.  I heard his braces on the wood and heard him say, 'I'm WALKING!'  but he loves to lay on the wood and wack his braces as hard as he can for the sound it makes and for some reason I imagined that's what he was doing until it registered what he was saying.  By the time I looked up he had crashed but he was a full five feet from where he started.  So, we made up a new game.  He stood by the easel, I stood by the kitchen table and when he said, 'GO!' we started walking toward one another and tried to reach each other to give big hugs. 

The first time he reached me I was so overwhelmed with emotions it was hard not to cry and not to hug him too hard.  We played for about 30 minutes, then I tried to video tape some while he did it himself.  A couple of times he almost made it ten feet, all in the course of an hour!  When Brother and Daddy got home Brother was totally into the new game.  So here is some video of our boy's first steps on his own!   

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