Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: May 21, 2009- On The Home End

Caedmon and I arrived home this afternoon.  The powers that be decided to hold him in the hospital overnight for observation.  We had prior warning that this might be so so it didn't come as a complete surprise though it wasn't exactly welcome news either. 
The little patient is doing very well.  He was and is a bit sore.  Yesterday I couldn't move him without bringing out his pouty face and tears.  Today is much less, thankfully.  We are getting a lot more smiles and giggles.
This was our first hospital stay that we got to share with a roommate.  Mercy!  I'm sure many of you have experienced roommates in grownup hospitals and how difficult it is to get rest, multiply that times three when you are in a children's hospital.  Seriously, you end up having one or more extra people in the room besides the patients.  Our roommate was accompanied by Mom and Grandma.  They entertained us with sonorous synchronized snoring in stereo through the night (that came to my mind about 3 this morning).  I couldn't believe how well they could sleep!  It was really quite impressive.
Caedmon woke up every two hours for comforting and, occasionally, food.  Considering he has been sleeping through the night for more then two months now, it was a very crazy night for both of us.  We awoke to the fearful and amazing sounds of our roommate's mom mimicking a very loud Elmo toy that was singing the alphabet song.  Really, there's nothing quite like hearing Elmo singing at 6:30am, unless it is to hear someone trying to sing like Elmo.
We are so very grateful to be home.  Caedmon got really excited when he saw my pull out his stroller and he started doing jumping jacks when I lifted him up to put him in, that's his way to sing, 'I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!'

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