Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: October 3, 2010- A New Step In Walking!!!!

I wish I could express through written word my total amazement, joy, elation, disbelief at the fact that yesterday at church Caedmon stood up (with the help of a pew), grabbed ONE of my hands and walked down half the length of the sanctuary NEXT to me!

These moments, when he does something that seems so normal for a normally functioning child to do, stops the world and my heart for just a moment. 

I was almost in tears and I couldn't even express to the people standing around witnessing it that they were in the middle of a MIRACLE!  None of them even realized it, how could they?  They made little cooing sounds and talked about how cute he was and I was wanting to shout and dance around singing, 'Thank You, Jesus!'  It was such a strange dichotomy: regular people commenting on a toddler walking and ecstatic me floating in the clouds all living the same moment from completely different worlds!

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