Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: March 12, 2011- Homeward

Caedmon and I arrived home exhausted but relatively unscathed from our hospital stay.  Thankfully we received our own room though the hospital we stayed at has pods, two rooms together in a larger space sharing a bathroom.  Our next door neighbor had a much tougher night and it is hard to sleep when you can hear someone crying, I've discovered.

Caedmon, we have learned, has basically no feeling at all in his foot.  His surgery was major, six pins placed to hold his bones in alignment, two of them are actually protruding from the bottom of his foot, with a large cast over it to protect and cushion his ankle/foot as it heals.  He has had one dose of Tylenol since the surgery and this was only because his temperature started to rise a bit.  The nurse recommended Tylenol because a rise in temp can indicate pain even if he wasn't showing any signs of it.

FYI: I learned today that ibuprofen can inhibit bone development and growth so we are to give Caedmon no ibuprofen over the next eight weeks unless okayed by the doc.

On the amusing side of life, Caedmon felt like the hospital was his private social site.  Every time anyone came in the room throughout the night he would immediately sit up and start talking to them.  It happened first with the cleaning lady at 8 and stretched on from there. 

At 11, he informed the new shift nurse that he was sleeping and Mommy was sleeping on her bed, 'I sleep, Mommy sleep her bed, I sleep'. 

At 12, he introduced his baby and his blankies to the new shift nurse. 

At 12:30, after his antibiotic round was finished, he let the nurse know the beeping was loud, he had a guitar and Mommy was sleeping. 

At 1:00, when the flush was finished, he asked to see the vacuum (we had taken a walk before bedtime and stood watching the custodian for a loooooonnnnggg time). 

At 4:00, he told the nurse he was still here, 'I still here'. 

At 7:15, some young doctor, a little groggy as to who, came in, flipped on the light, marched right over to Caedmon and startled him awake.  Good morning world!    Caedmon was not nearly so cute and talkative in this scenario and Mommy was not nearly so kind, though I honestly tried.

So, we are home, with orders to keep him from crawling or standing for the next two weeks.   This should be a very exciting two weeks.  They suggested we tell him to scooch on his bottom if he wants to get somewhere . . . um, yeah.  Lord, help us over the next two weeks!

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