Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: November 4, 2009- A Few Stressful Days

Yesterday was Spina Bifida clinic.  All concerned doctors conveniently share a little medical office space, disguised as an orthopedist's office the rest of the week, and come in one after the other to poke and prod and ask a lot of questions.  Some doctors are much more thorough and helpful than others and I wonder why my insurance is paying the not-so-helpful ones $200+ for five minutes of, 'Well, he's looking great!' 
We learned that in three months Caedmon will have the pleasure of having his bladder tested to see how large or small it is, how rigid or soft it is and whether or not we will have to put him on medication to make it larger and softer.  Eventually he will need surgery to put a sort of floodgate in his ureter and he will learn how to cath himself as opposed to potty training.
Today was the MRI.  I am always a mess the days leading up to him being put under anesthesia.  I don't know why.  I hope, eventually, I'll get used to it.  I hate holding him and soothing him until the anesthesiologist takes him out of my arms and behind doors where I can't follow and I can't see what's happening.  Adam and I did the tag team approach this week, where I took Caedmon to the clinic yesterday and Adam took him to the hospital today.  It still didn't help.  I was a mess all morning until I finally go the phone call that all went well and they were headed home.  Adam said Caedmon watched him over the anesthesiologist's shoulder as they were walking away with a little alarm on his face.  I think I would have broken down.
It was a joy to hear they were coming home.  Another fear had been that they would keep him 24 hours for observation as they have done in the past because of his apnea.  Thank the good Lord that was not the case this time.  Apparently, he's old enough now that they do not worry about it so much and just observe how well he wakes up after the procedure.
Another blessing is Children's Hospital, well, actually, the staff.  Everytime we go we run into a nurse who has helped him at some time in the past.  They always remember him because of his name (it's rather unique) and come in to see how he's doing since the last time they saw him.  This time, the nurse helping him was one of our nurses when we came back into the hospital at two weeks old to get a shunt placed.  She's actually getting married in the summer and has been in contact with Adam to do their wedding.  It was great to see her and chat with her!
We now wait until next week, when we will meet with someone in neurosurgery about the results and any other important information.
The real fun of the day was that it was almost a hospital sandwich.  Damek was getting ready for bed and playing a come-and-get-me game with Adam, I was doing dishes in the kitchen.  Damek raced into the kitchen and ran smack into the silverware drawer I had pulled out to put things away.  Blood everywhere, a very scared boy, a pretty deep gash.  We debated whether we should take him to the emergency room, but it quit bleeding fairly quickly and we sent him to bed with lots of kisses.  We are grateful.  A little too tired to patiently wait in an e.r. indefinitely!

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