Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: October 28, 2009- Damek's First Dance Recital

Our public school system here offers all kinds of fun classes to preschool age kids during the year.  Since Damek loves music and performing we thought putting him in an introductory dance class would be a fun thing for him to try out.  He loved it, even though he was the only boy.  He had so much fun and would come home talking all about his teacher and a little girl named Makenna, who he insisted was his best friend.
Today was the final class and the last fifteen minutes of the class the parents were invited in to watch.  Damek was so excited to see me come in the room and he did well for the first two minutes but as soon as the music started he wasn't so sure anymore.  After he noticed all the people looking at him he had a slight melt down and sat on my lap for the rest of the performance. 
I was so proud of him for going back week after week.  I'm sure he must have felt a little out of place, as you'll see in the video, the only boy surrounded by lots of little girls in tutus.  And that was every week, not just a special performance day thing!  Sigh.  I don't know if I'd know what to do with a girl!  Damek loves dressing himself and the combinations he comes up with sometimes are breathtaking but I wouldn't want to change it for the world.

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  1. awe :(:(
    i never can understand that. why is it that people think that boys shouldnt be in dance? its like that up here too. :(
    dont they know pro football players have to take ballet?! LOL