Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: October 8, 2010- Twenty New Grandmas

Caedmon got in the pool for the first time yesterday.  He loved it!  Not only because he enjoys water and there were awesome toys but also because there was an aqua aerobics class going on in the pool right next to ours.  That's right, twenty new ladies for him to charm with his dimple and sunshine smile.  The therapist could hardly get him to focus on his stuff because he kept hearing the music and watching the teacher who was dancing up on the pool deck.  After a song would end he would clap his hands, his therapist thought this was a riot.  When his therapy session ended she walked us to the dressing rooms, which went right past the ladies.  She stopped and told them all how much Caedmon had enjoyed them and had been clapping for them.  As if on cue, all the ladies started clapping.  Caedmon was amazed.  When they stopped he smiled at them all and waved bye bye.  I'm sure in the next weeks and months to come there will be many such interactions.  It's like having twenty new grandmas!

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