Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: February 28, 2011- Surgery, Ugh

Caedmon's ankle is getting worse.  The top of his foot is blue and black and purpley, his ankle is swollen, the bottom of his foot is swollen.  The orthopedist was able to get us in a few days earlier then scheduled because it looks so bad. 

His left foot has always been a bit worse then his right, more turned in and more rigid.  We found out today that the tendon release surgery he had almost two years ago did not do the trick.  His bones are not aligning as they should.  This means that he will continue to have injuries unless we do something surgically about it. 

So, March 11 we will go in for that surgery.  They will do a second tendon release plus put in some temporary pins to hold his bones in the correct place.  He will be in traction almost the whole day following the surgery.  We have been told to anticipate several days in the hospital.

We're asking for prayers and any great ideas you may have on entertaining a two year old in traction.   

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