Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: October 17, 2009- I Survived!

100_3096 100_3097  
Today was the much anticipated, and somewhat dreaded, half-marathon!  These pictures were taken before I headed out the door.  I flew solo today so the kids could have normal naptimes and be ready for church this afternoon.  I decorated this shirt a few days ago and had a tag around my neck with a photo of the boys to help me if I started flailing.

All in all, it was a great race.  I did not feel like stopping or quitting once and it went by so quickly.  Most of you will laugh out loud when I tell you I finished in 2:19, mostly because I just said it went by quickly.  But it really was just great.  It was a beautiful, sunshiny day, our first in about two weeks.  The course was hilly and extremely difficult between miles 6 and 11 but the scenery was breathtaking.  It was run almost entirely in a state park on trails.  I love trail running, I always have since I was a little girl.  The downhill parts I would just relax and let myself fly like I used to do racing my brothers down mountain trails, whizzing past huffing and puffing tourists.  It felt great!  The uphill parts were tough, I ran slower then I would have gone walking but one of my goals was to run the whole way.  I did end up walking the very last hill at mile 11.  I had started running a little harder because I thought the hills were all done and when I saw that last hill laughing at me I just knew I needed to walk it so I could finish the last two miles strong.

Adam made up a playlist for my iPod, that helped a lot too.  Marvin Gaye brought me through several hills with 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough', Aretha helped me pick up my speed as soon as I heard, 'What you want, Baby, I got it . . .', Mary Mary pulled me into the finish singing, 'That's the sound of victory, yeah, that's the sound of no defeat, yeah, that's the sound of holding on, yeah, that's the sound of STAYING STRONG!'  The only bad choice, that he had no way of knowing, was putting Caedmon's song, 'Find Your Wings', at mile 10.  I almost lost it and had to stop.  I don't know where the emotion came from but I started sobbing.  It's hard to get your breath running when you're crying!

Anyway, I finished with energy to spare and I think I could actually pull off a marathon!  Maybe Grandma's in the spring?  It's possible!


  1. WOW. you go girl!!!
    did you do grandmas then?!? i have a couple friends who just did the half at grandmas this past weekend for the first time. they have lost 175 lbs between the two of them and they look great. :):) i did my first 5 k the first sunday of campmeeting. i didnt run the whole thing, but i finished which is more than ive ever done before (to my knowledge)... and i didnt do too bad: 35:28

    1. I have not yet. It's my goal in the next two years. :-) Good for you, doing your first race! I hope you enjoyed it!