Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: May 7, 2010- Encouraging News And Answered Prayers

This afternoon was our results show with the good doctor.  We learned the wonderful news that Caedmon's body is functioning well; his kidneys, bladder and hoses are healthy; there is no reflux between his bladder and kidneys.  We also had a surprise and funny answered prayer. 
Last week during the last test Adam understood one of the doctors to say that Caedmon's bladder was filling to 25% and then spasmodically emptying.  He was told that Caedmon would need to be put on Ditropan and that Ditropan can cause mood alterations for the worse.  We were not happy with this news, especially since it is likely that Caedmon will have to be on this medication for the rest of his life.  It also can mean that we will have to start catheterizing him because the medication relaxes the muscles so they quit doing their job. 
Since hearing this news we have been praying for there to be a way for him to either only have to have a very small dosage or somehow not need it.
Today, the pediatrician explained to Adam that Caedmon was filling his bladder 75%, 25% was NOT filling.  Well, needless to say, that is a huge difference in what we thought last week!  He does still need to be put on the medication but he will start with a very low dosage because he is doing so well on his own.  There is still a possibility that it can alter his mood but if that happens we will take him off the medication and re-evaluate our options.
Technically this was a misunderstanding, a communication gap, but if felt so much like an answer to prayer.  Maybe God was preparing us to accept the diagnosis and feel positive about it instead of feeling let down.  At any rate, we are grateful for the good news!
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