Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: December 20, 2010- Joy To The World!

  The medical appointments have come to an end.  Caedmon has passed everything with flying colors, except needing to up his medication a bit but we can handle that.  He has an eye appointment in January and then we are done until spring check-ups.  We are looking forward to a peaceful Christmas and New Years at home.

I've been thinking about the year Caedmon was born and how we spent Christmas in the hospital and returned to the hospital a day after New Years.  Everything seemed like such a whirlwind and I prayed for a time we could be at home, together, as a family, and things would seem boring and routine.  I'm very grateful for that this Christmas!

We were able to save up for a special family Christmas gift, a new camera!  A Nikon, to be exact; I feel like I'm growing up.  So, yesterday while Daddy and Damek went ice skating with Santa, Caedmon and I took a nap and then played with our new gift.  Well, I played with the gift, he played the guitar.  Later, we caught some bedtime sillies.  Caedmon's laugh is a gift to the world!

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