Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: October 12, 2009- The Adorable Waving Baby

Adam took the boys yesterday to Once Upon A Child, a great consignment store for kiddos.  He got all our winter necessities and found some adorable hats for Caedmon.  I was very impressed with his finds.  Anyway, it was just in time because we woke up this morning to three inches of snow and more falling.  This afternoon the sun came out a bit and I decided it was time to get out and stretch our legs.  I took this video of Caedmon because he looks so darn cute in that hat and I've been trying to get him waving.  I wish I had taken the camera with us on the walk because Damek and I started a snowball fight and Caedmon thought it was the funniest thing ever.  If the world could hear him giggle everyday it would be a much more peaceful and joyfilled place!

I'm not the biggest computer dunce in the world, but sometimes my videos load the right way and sometimes they don't.  Please don't get a kink in your neck!

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