Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: February 18, 2011- Ten Steps Forward, One Step Back

Last week Caedmon's cast came off and we discovered that he never had a fracture.  This is wonderful news!  The next day he was right back in the pool again and we picked up with therapy as if no time had been lost. 

The weather, for five straight days, was above freezing and just beautiful.  The boys enjoyed every second of sunlight every day, playing out on our deck which is snow and ice free and just waiting for some happy feet.  Caedmon played tag and soccer using his walker or Mommy's hand and loved the freedom.
Yesterday, at therapy, Caedmon took two sets of five steps all by himself!  Later in the afternoon he wanted to play wrestling.  He would roll on me, then push up off my side and stand, sometimes for a little while and sometimes for a minute or longer, before falling on his rump and laughing hysterically.  What a great day!

Today, Caedmon crawled AFO-less from his bedroom to the living room.  This is not a long distance at all, maybe twenty feet.  And, abracadabra, we have a swollen purple ankle again.  We are taking it easy today: leaving the AFO on for protection, taking it off every so often to check if things are better or worse.  We are also praying that it will heal very quickly.  It's so frustrating to move backwards!

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