Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: July 23, 2010- Caedmon Walked!

 Yesterday afternoon Caedmon finally had his appointment with the physical therapy part of his orthopedics office.  It took nearly two months to get in!  We hooked him into a gait trainer, like a walker that goes behind him with straps that hold him into it so he can't just sit down.  The therapist then pulled out some bubbles and as I blew them Caedmon tried to pop them and proceeded to walk across the entire length of room four or five times!  It wasn't a huge room but both Caedmon and I were so excited we just giggled the whole time.  The therapist, who was kept busy trying to help him straighten out his feet as he was stepping, kept saying, 'This is amazing!  I've never seen something like this before!  His legs MUST be tired by now!'  All things that made this mama's heart almost burst and shed a few tears of joy.  The therapist had set the height too low so sometimes Caedmon would get so excited he'd stand up straight and pick the whole thing up off the floor.  He did AWESOME! 
I wish I had video of his first steps.  It was just the two of us and we were a little busy, so we're hoping the next appointment we will have the whole family in tow and can get footage.  In the meantime, I've posted a video of the brothers wrestling together.
So what happens now, according to this clinic, is that they have to evaluate him over the next two months, coming in once a week.  After that time they can finally put the order in for a gait trainer to be delivered to our home and then who knows how long after that the insurance will approve it and we'll finally get it.  Oofta!  I don't have enough patience for that, considering he wants to walk now!  So, we are trying another avenue, a different clinic that we work with, just hoping their process is not so tedious and lengthy.  We're praying we get the trainer sometime before six months is up!

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