Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: August 3, 2010- Family Camping

We spent a wonderful couple of days up north, beating the heat, enjoying the cool nights, stars, wildflowers, carnivorous plants, squirrels with hutzpa and children who do not sleep well when excited for camping.

We had a little cabin in the woods.  Look how tiny and cute it was!  We were pretty sure we weren't going to fit in there when we pulled up, but it worked great.


Damek went fishing for the first time.  He didn't catch anything, mostly because we didn't get him live bait.  He said he needed to find some fish that liked bright orange worms.  Much to Mommy's relief, he didn't find any.

I was so excited to take the kids out on a rowboat for their first time.  I used to row all the time when I visited my grandparents during the summer.  Good, good memories.  It made me happy to hear Damek say that this was his favorite part of the trip. 

Caedmon had a great time crawling all over our campground.  He left tracks everywhere, our own little wildlife.

He even tried climbing a few trees.


Sometimes he'd let us hold him, for a minute. 


It was such a beautiful place and a needed reminder of God's love and care for us all.