Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Original Blog Post: January 6, 2009- Home Again

Caedmon gets to come home today!  This has been an especially difficult hospital stay because I got food poisoning Sunday night, so Adam's been stuck with the hospital care as I've been recovering from extracting everything from my body!  I thought I'd be able to help out a little yesterday but I ended up being no help at all and had an exciting trip home (think Peptobismol commercial with exhaustion mixed in).  Thank the Lord, I think His angels were surrounding our car.

Damek has been such a trooper through all of this.  He's really such an amazing child.
Caedmon is living up to his name, what a warrior!  The nurses keep commenting on what a good baby he is and he really is.  He's so patient with the tests that make him not eat for long periods and he soothes fairly easily.  It will be awesome to have him home again.

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