Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: August 18, 2009- Our Boys Are Growing Up!

We have had a crazy two weeks of growth and development in our house!
Last week, Caedmon decided enough with the horizontal position and began sitting up.  At first he did a great stretch over his legs, not quite enough muscle strength and control to get the totally upright posture.  It didn't take him long, just a few days, before he started sitting up all the way and loving it!  He gets the biggest, most proud smile on his face when he sits up.  I tried to catch it on camera, I got a little of it.
proud face
Caedmon said his first words last week, 'Mama' came first followed closely by 'Dada' and 'hi'.  He also has his two top teeth coming in and the two on either side will not be long.  He had such an easy time of teething.  Hardly any fuss, no fever, no crying, just alot of drooling.

We've visited six different doctors over the last two weeks, all for check-ups.  He has been examined from stem to stern and found seaworthy.  Seriously, he's had ultrasounds over various parts, lots of poking, prodding, looking, stretching, and everything has come out well.  Some doctors will see him again in four months, when he turns a year, others are happy to see him in a year.  We're very grateful for our healthy, growing boy!

Damek turned four last Thursday.  In the last three days he has started pooping in the toilet (our last step in being fully potty trained!), riding his bike without his training wheels (which he picked up in less then five minutes, no kidding!), and writing words in his journal (he's known his letters for over a year now but he started writing!)!  I couldn't believe it.  I told him last night that he'd probably be leaving for college next week sometime.
100_2881 100_2873 100_2856
So, these boys are just incredible and the world is a better place because they exist!

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