Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Original Blog Post: January 24, 2009- Slow Progress

Caedmon has been in some discomfort/pain over the last three days.  Everything they ask us to watch for, sleeping, awake time, eating, dirtying diapers, has all been good but he's crying a lot more and just generally fussy when he's normally such a happy guy.  He has a series of doctors appointments on Thursday so we're trying to decide if he can wait until then or if we need to get him into the emergency room to see Dr. Marker.  We also noticed some swelling around his abdominal incision area and made a quick call to the good doctor.  We learned that a hernia is fairly normal with these surgeries and since the skin is a good color, it's probably something we don't need to worry about.  We just keep the prayers surrounding our little warrior.  My favorite verse right now, "And it came to pass."  Someday this will pass, right?

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