Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: May 5, 2009- More Surgery

I've been holding off on this entry because I haven't been sure how to delicately share the news and ask for prayer without feeling like I'm mortifying Caedmon, even at this early age. 

Caedmon went to visit the urologist who will do the circumcision for him.  As the doctor was doing his check-up analysis he found that something else was amiss in that region.  This will mean more surgery, which they can do at the same time they are doing the circumcision.  There's a possibility that they will find some kind of defect that could lead to cancer if it is not taken care of early and quickly.  Surgery has not been scheduled yet but will be next week sometime.

I feel very peaceful about this.  I am not happy that we have to go in for another surgical round, not happy that Caedmon must undergo anesthesia AGAIN, but thankful that this will not be an overnight procedure and that they caught this now so that we can do everything at once and have it done.  Had we done the circumcision earlier he would have had that surgery plus this one because they wait until the baby is six months to see if the defect will correct itself.

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