Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: June 2, 2009- Good Day!

Caedmon got to have a visit with his orthopedist yesterday.  The appointment was supposed to happen in two weeks but Adam happened to run into the doctor while he was waiting for Caedmon to come out of surgery a week and a half ago.  It's a little strange because this doctor actually works out of a different hospital in a different town but he just happened to be there.  Anyway, Adam explained some concerns we were having about Caedmon's feet not fitting well in the braces.  After hearing Adam's description he suggested we come in earlier and prepared us for the likelihood of Caedmon getting recast with the possibility of further surgery if the casts don't help.  So, I gave Caedmon a long, luxurious bath yesterday morning, getting used to thought of a baby in casts again.  When the good doctor saw Caedmon's feet, though, and checked for flexibility and range of motion his tune changed to a lovely little ditty that went something like: we will fix up his braces and see how that goes over the next few months and possibly do casts if there is no change.  Well, I sure liked that song a lot better, considering 'surgery' was nowhere in the lyrics!  It was a long day, as they had to make the adjustments in their lab but I was not complaining at all!

Our other exciting news is that Caedmon can now roll over!  Two days ago he was almost getting there and then he would start laughing hysterically and roll back to his back.  This is video of that day.  But yesterday, video still pending, he actually rolled over and over and over, all the way across his blanket!  We're so proud of our big boy!

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