Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: May 1, 2011- Moving In The Right Direction

You, as the smart person that you are, may have been thinking as you read my last post, 'But it's only been three days.  Give it some time, Mama!'  And maybe this is the lesson to be learned, that moms and dads so quickly lose hope and confidence while junior is doing just fine and just needs to find his feet again.  Anyhow, I am here to tell you that you were right, I need to relax.

Caedmon jumped right in to his aquatherapy.  He stood for about 15 minutes playing with the toys on the edge of the pool.  He took the two short floaty-stick things and walked the length of the pool and back.  He stood and sat about 10 times, totally unprompted, just decided he needed to do that particular exercise.

Immediately following therapy I noticed changes.  He was crawling more, trying to climb up in his chair and into his bed.  He is a little clumsy and will have to strengthen those muscles again but the point is that he's trying!
Yesterday I took the boys to the zoo and he pushed his own stroller for about 20 minutes.  He stood at the edge of a petting pool (you can touch little sharks and rays) and splashed water for another 15 minutes before he was finally ready to sit and rest. 

I'd say that's pretty good progress!

Wednesday he gets fitted for twisters, straps that wrap around his legs to hold his feet in the correct position.  I think once those are one he will really take off.  His left foot is beautiful now, pointing in almost the right way.  His right foot is now the problem and trips him up quite a bit when he's trying to walk.
I am so excited to see how far he has come so shortly.  It's incredible being on this journey with him!

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