Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: March 23, 2011- Early Spring

I've been wanting to write this post for a while now and finally got around to it today.  Ironically, as I write this it is snowing and blowing outside.  We're forecasted to get another seven inches.  What a winter!

A week ago we had wonderfully warm temps, the snow was disappearing and we went for a walk every afternoon.  One day we got all the way up into the 50's!  We had to go to the park, it was that kind of day.

When we drove into the park we couldn't see the normally very visible playground because there were two mountain ranges worth of snow hiding it.  We were not daunted.  Caedmon had been begging for months to go swinging, what was a little snow? 

When I pulled into the parking lot, between the mountain ranges, there was no parking space available and all that could be seen of the spaces were the ends of the lines trailing off into snow banks.  There were also no cars there.  I figured, why not parellel park since we have the place to ourselves?
We pulled out Damek's scooter, hoping there might be some kind of sidewalk visible.
And headed for the playground.  I had to push (hard) through quite a few feet of slushy, wet snow.  I wasn't sure if we would make it or not.  Damek found some space to scooter but not much.  Here's the view of the playground once we finally got there:
We were the only people there but Caedmon had an awesome time swinging, Damek slid down slides that 'aren't wet, Mom!' and I could not have been happier, with feet soaking wet in snow (I wore clogs, wouldn't you know) and a brilliantly warm sun soaking into my face and hair.  Caedmon and I watched a bald eagle soaring high overhead as he swung.  It was lovely.
That same day, Damek, in a shocked and amazed way, showed us that his first tooth was loose!  We wondered a bit how this would go because Damek is a very passionate soul and does not like pain one bit.  But he wiggled on that tooth faithfully and just a few days ago our son became gappy for the first time!
What a nice spring.  Now if only the snow would leave for good!

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