Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Original Blog Post: December 14, 2009- More Good News

Wednesday was our orthopedic check-up and x-rays after a six month waiting period.  Six months ago they took x-ray pictures of Caedmon's hips and discovered his left hip was not developing as quickly as the right hip.  This could mean surgery in the future if the trend continues.  I have been praying over those hips for the last six months.  Any surgery that could be avoided is a good thing.  So, on Wednesday, as we looked at the x-rays, we saw what we had been praying for.  Development!  It is still behind the other hip but there is something where six months ago there was nothing.  Beautiful! 

The good doctor was also completely amazed at our report of Caedmon standing up on everything he can find to pull himself up on.  He repeated that usually children with his level of spina bifida usually do not start standing until 22 months or after.  I just hugged Caedmon and smiled really big.

Caedmon was fitted for new boots (our name for his braces or AFOs).  We get to choose what kind of design the boots will have.  We're keeping the space theme, though not martians this time.  When we pick them up we'll be able to go shopping for some shoes.  It's been very difficult since the weather turned cold to know how many layers of socks to bundle his little feet into for enough protection.  Can't wait to get some shoes!

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