Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Original Blog Post: January 22, 2009- Can't Believe It!

We're home!  Really, it's true! 
Yesterday, Adam and I hit a new low point, wondering how we were going to make it to the unknown end of this particular journey.  It was really hard to keep going, to keep trying to nurture both Damek and Caedmon as best as we could and keep moving.  Have you heard the Eagle's song Do Something?  That became my mantra last night.  Just do something, no matter how little it is.  Keep moving.  And I just kept reading the Psalms to Caedmon, that helped a lot.
Yesterday, Caedmon was doing okay.  He was showing all the good signs of recovery, eating, pooping, peeing, but his belly was distended and he was listless, not his normal alert, bubbly self.  The doctor was concerned about that and was considering sending him in today for another CT.  It could mean the hose coming down to his abdomen from the shunt was irritating important organs in his belly.  It could mean perforated bowels.  It could mean gas.
Caedmon and I spent a restless and rather sleepless night together.  His schedule has been thrown off because of the craziness of hospital life.  We were also treated to a less then stellar night nurse who woke us up everytime she entered the room even though she was trying (maybe) to be quiet.  It was a long, long night.  God and I had several conversations about how I'm thinking this must be the end because I can't imagine that I can take any more, I think I've reached the limit of my abilities.  Do you know how hard it is to be kind to people who are poking and prodding your son when you've had an hour of sleep?  I had to learn new reliance on a power outside of myself!  I prayed a lot for Beverly, that God would bless her and her family.  I prayed a lot that Beverly would be called to another patient and not be able to come back to our room.
Last night Adam sent out an SOS prayer request to a group of people praying for Caedmon.  In the morning, through the haze of exhaustion, I thought Caedmon's belly looked a lot better.  Of course, I didn't really trust myself and in the midmorning, when the nurse started poking it and Caedmon started crying, I started crying.  I thought, "Here we go again!  We're here for another month and he'll have to have more surgeries."  My next thought was, "He hasn't eaten in about four hours, what if he's hungry?"  Was anyone out there praying for wisdom for us?  Your prayer was answered.  He ate ravenously and when the neurosurgeon's nurse came in and pushed even harder on his belly he laid placidly in my arms and stared up at the ceiling.  When Dr. Marker came in he smiled really big and let out several heartfelt coos.  Dr. Marker said, "That's what I've been waiting to see.  You can go home."  I said, "What, you mean today?"  He said, "Yeah."
We got home, ecstatic to have our family together again.  It was only the second time we've all four ridden in a car together!  Then Caedmon started crying and couldn't be easily consoled.  Not normal behavior in our normally laid back little guy.  We freaked!  We've been home for two hours and we're already going to have to take him back to the emergency room.  We called Dr. Marker.  Did anyone pray for wisdom for the medical personnel?  Another answered prayer.  "Have you given him any Tylenol?"  was the question.  Come to think of it, the nurse this morning made a comment to me that he hadn't been given any Tylenol since the day before.  He is only three days out of a hole being put in his skull, probably could use some pain medication.
He's now sleeping like a baby, which for Caedmon means the sky could fall and he would go on sleeping.  The knots in our stomachs are slowly unwinding and I am headed for a blissful night of sleep next to Adam, which hasn't happened in a few weeks!

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