Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Original Blog Post: March 28, 2009- Home And Doing Well

We returned home from the hospital close to noon yesterday.  The surgery went well and Caedmon is recovering.  He's so tired from it all that he's still sleeping now, at 8:30 in the morning.  The surgery was a little more complicated then Adam and I had anticipated.  Not only were his tendons cut and loosened but the doctor needed to place a pin in each ankle to secure the feet into the correct position because they are so rigid.  Then casts were put on.  The casts and pins will, hopefully, come off in three weeks.  Caedmon will then be fitted for braces.  It's clear that Caedmon has very little feeling in his lower legs and feet.  He has needed very little pain medication, just Tylenol, though the doctor wrote prescriptions for much stronger stuff.  Again, Caedmon has taken all of this in stride.  The nursing staff in the OR actually wrote a note on Caedmon's file that he is the happiest baby they've ever seen!  He really is such a ray of sunshine!

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